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Our cellar, renovated in 2002, benefits from the latest technical advances in winemaking

An original harvest reception system:

As soon as they arrive in the cellar in boxes, the grapes are sorted on a large table to keep only the healthiest and most qualitative berries. Once destemmed, the beans are stored in a large vat for skin maceration throughout the day. Thanks to the draining system, we can recover the first juices (the most qualitative), those that have been extracted naturally by gravity. Once the operation is complete, the rest of the berries, slightly dried, are taken to the press from which the press juices are extracted (harder, more acidic because the skin and pips are also pressed). Thus, we can obtain two categories of juice from the same harvest base.

Our Estate is part of une HACCP quality approach *Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and our products are traceable from plot to bottle. All this in order to identify problems that may occur throughout the development chain.


It is a constant search for a perfect balance between quality of work and quality of products, harmony between tradition and technicality.

  State-of-the-art refrigeration equipment:

The harvest is protected from any oxidation problem as soon as it arrives in the cellar by dry ice placed in successive layers as it goes through vatting. Then, our thermoregulated vats allow us, throughout the vinification, to control the fermentations and stabilize the wines.

Depending on the products we want to develop, we have stainless steel and concrete vats, but also barrels et demi-muids for specific farms.

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