Our winecellar was renovated in 2002 and uses the latest wine production technology :
- A special treatment:

As soon as the grapes come from the fields in their picking boxes, they are sorted on a large table to only keep the highest quality berries.
They will be put in a maceration vat for a day. thanks to the vats drainig system we will obtain the first (and highest quality) juices just by gravity.
Afterwards the now slightly drier berries will be pressed and a second amount of juices will be obtained, this second juice is a bit sharper due to the skins and pips that are pressed also.
So we get two qualities of juice from the same harvest.




- A High Tech cooling equipment:

From the moment the harvest comes to the cellar it will be protected from oxydation problems by successive layers of
carbonic snow during the the process of them into the vats. These vats are themoregulated to have control the fermentation and to stabalise the wines.
According to the product we want to elaborate we use concrete or stainless steel vat houses, and for special
aging we have casks an demi-muids (very large barrels).

-H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analasys Critical Control Point)

All our bottles ar traceble to the very field the grapes came from. We also try to find the perfect balance between quality of work and the quality of our products, a search for harmony between tradition and technical skill.

Come and visit us

To vistit the winery and/or come for a winetasting,, please register to one of the many visits organised by the Vic la
Gardiole tourist office, or contact us directly.

Informations and registration at the Office du Tourisme. Click here.





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