Muscat Frontignan and Mireval

But also a range of white, rosé and red!


Le Domaine du Mas Rouge is located on the exceptional site Aresquiers Vic Gardiole, less than a kilometer from the sea between Sete and Montpellier.


Since 1997, the property is constantly changing. Building renovation, major point in the life of Mas Rouge, restoration winery in 2002, is a happy marriage between
respecting a framework Former singular (with its thick walls in stone vineyards and majestic wood frame) and integration with the most modern technical equipment that requires the development of our wines. A major restructuring of our vineyards allows us to present a range of white, rosé and red that complements our production Muscat !.



Protected from the sea winds by the large Bois Aresquiers and the mistral by the hills of Gardiole (for the fans, these two sites are part of the most beautiful hiking our region and France.)

It is a true oasis set flora (pine forests and scrubland) and fauna (flamingos, black-headed gulls, herons ...).

One can even hear the roaring waves windy days!


South of France

Welcome to the farm



SCEA Les Aresquiers
30 chemin de la poule d'eau
34110 Vic la Gardiole

Tél : 04 67 51 66 85
Fax : 04 67 51 66 89


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